Friday, December 2, 2011

Bangladeshi Postcard : The sun set

National monument Savar, Dhaka

The SAARK fountain in Dhaka

Karnaphuli bridge, Rangamati City

Ducks in the pond

Paddy field in rainy season

National parliament bhaban (Building) ,Dhaka

Natural beauty of hilly area

Motijhil commercial area, Dhaka

Historical Shat gombuj mosque, Bagerhat

Milking cow in a village in Bangladesh

Farmers in Jute field ,Bangladesh

Forest grown wealth of Sundarban

Irrigation in paddy field

Farmers in paddy field

Irrigation in paddy field

A naughty boy is flying kite in the cloudy sky

Some naughty boy passing their time making play

A girl carrying the traditional water jar, Bangladesh

The carter are carrying the bull of straw